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Welcome U.S.A. AppliChem Customers

AppliChem GmbH in Darmstadt, Germany has been providing quality products and services to the Life Science, Molecular Biology, Proteomic, and Clinical areas of research worldwide since 1993. In order to increase our ability to meet your needs, we are happy to introduce our AppliChem, Inc office and warehouse located in St. Louis, MO for faster delivery of products and services.

We have over 3000 products and we are increasing our inventory in St. Louis every week. Contact us today and we can provide additional information on any of our products and services.

To speak to our customer service department, please e-mail service@us.applichem.com or call 314-968-3331.

Thank you very much for choosing AppliChem. We look forward to providing you with excellent quality products and service.

The different company presentation.

Our company, service and our team, along with its advertising is different! Get an idea of what we do, where we are from, and how we do it by viewing our movie. Have fun!

Movie Version of the Product - DNA-ExitusPlus

DNA Contamination is definitely infamous as one of the top ten unwanted events in laboratories, since it is difficult to avoid. Nucleic acids are all over the place. Decontamination could be so easy with a suited reagent. So with a solution in mind, AppliChem has teamed up with partners from multiband biotec and developed a new decontamination reagent. Check out our video here.

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