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PAGE and Western Blotting reagents. Comparable Sigma part ID listed.

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PanReac AppliChem: We offer a highly diversified range of products, maintaining the highest ethical standards and a strong commitment to the health and safety of its customers and employees. Our stake is on sustainable practices for a healthy planet.

Action: We have exceptional know how in the fields of chemistry, life sciences and excipients, thanks to continuous research and development of our staff. Our permanent review of all processes by our experts along the value chain optimizes our products and services to ensure highest quality continuously.

Reaction: PanReac AppliChem with almost 75 years’ experience in the manufacturing of laboratory reagents and high quality industrial chemicals contributes with this experience and knowledge in production, synthesis and purification of thousands of chemicals.

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DNA-ExitusPlus Your solution to DNA contamination in 1 bottle

DNA Contamination is definitely infamous as one of the top ten unwanted events in laboratories, since it is difficult to avoid. Nucleic acids are all over the place. Decontamination could be so easy with a suited reagent. So with a solution in mind, AppliChem has teamed up with partners from multiband biotec and developed a new decontamination reagent.

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